Terms of Use

© 2013-18 by Karli-Marie Reyes-Dimovska aka KM or KM-Ink
All Rights Reserved

I know there’s a big, wide world out there of graphic designers, be it in the scrapbooking world or beyond.
I just want to take a moment and say a hearty THANK YOU for taking the time to download from ME!
Like what you’ve downloaded? Want to show me what you’ve made? Feel free to contact me:

email: talktome@karli-marie.com
website: blog.karli-marie.com
facebook: facebook.com/KMInk.DigitalDesigns
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/km.ink/
pinterest: pinterest.com/reyeskm
Etsy: etsy.com/shop/KMInkDigitalDesigns

This product is meant for personal use; Scrap-4-Hire (S4H)/Scrap-4-Others (S4O); and limited, small business Commercial Use (CU) under the following conditions:

* Personal Use:
You May:
– Use and alter (re-sized, re-colored, etc) graphics for use in personal scrapbooking pages, signature tags, cards, crafts, etc.
– Use graphics for your personal blog
– Submit your fabulous layouts/cards/crafts for contest or publication provided the following terms are followed:
– Submitted images must in in layer-less, flattened format (ie .jpg)
– Graphics must be credited to KM-Ink
– Reformat graphics to fit your scrapping needs (ie. turn a .png into a brush, etc) provided these tools are not shared or redistrbuted

You May Not:
– Share or redistribute any graphics in any form without explicit permission
– Upload files to public cloud storage or open network
– Design Quick Pages/premade pages for distribution as freebies or for sale

* S4H/S4O and light Commerical Use:
You May:
– Use and alter (re-sized, re-colored, etc) graphics for use on:
scrapbooking pages, signature tags, cards, posters, physical crafts, clothing, pillows, jewelry for compensation,
provided the following terms are followed:
– Less than 200 copies are made of each item (ie no mass production without an extended license)
– My individual graphics are not shared with clients
– Clients are not provided with a layered file containing any of my graphics
– Clients are provided with only a finished product, printed copies or a layer-less, flattened images (ie .jpg files)
– Advertise your designs using your completed graphics (ie using a completed card in an advertisement for your business)
– Credit is always appreciated when possible, especially when posting finished products on social media

Please contact me directly for extended licensing information.

You May Not:
– Use these graphics for use in creating other scrapbooking papers, elements, products, kits, etc
(ie products are not meant as resources for other digiscrap designers)
– Share or redistribute any graphics in any form without permission
– Upload files to public cloud storage or open network
– Use individual graphics for creating of logos or any company branding
– Use individual graphics for advertising or promotion of your business without implicit permission
– Design a business blog from graphics without implicit permission
– Design blogs-for-hire without implicit permission

* Styles:
You may use styles as you please as PU/S4H, but please do not redistribute as .asl files.

* General Usage:
These terms of use are subject to change – it is the right of the downloader to stay aprised of changes to these terms.

Graphics may not be used for any purposes deemed obsecne, defamatory, pornographic, or any purpose prohibited by law.

* Crediting the Designer:
I beleive that crediting the designer is a personal choice rather than a requirement -unless previously stated-
but credit is always appreciated when possible… if you love my designs, share the love!

Did I miss something? Confusion? Questions? Issues? Contact me! talktome@karli-marie.com