My name is Karli-Marie and I am a font-a-holic.

As a designer, one of my favorite things to do is to play with fonts and typography. A font can change the mood and tone of a design piece, it can add or diminish emphasis, the options are limitless!

There are bajillions of fonts all across the interwebs

{yep, I know those aren’t real words… don’t judge me!}.

It can be super time consuming and overwhelming clicking from site to site, trying to narrow down your search and find the perfect font for your latest scrap page or project.


Well you’re in luck because I am starting a new post series called #RoundUp, where I will scour the web to find you the coolest, hippest, most jive resources out there… and post them for you right here! Simple, n’es pas?

Today I thought I’d start by rounding up some awesome RUSTIC FONTS to compliment your new Pixel Scrapper Blog Train kits {you DID get my contribution Rustic Love, didn’t you?!}

Here are 10 drool-worthy rustic fonts

and for your designers out there… a handful of them are even commercial friendly! Woop woop!


  1. Amatic SC* (Vernon Adams)
  2. Ranger (Evan Huwa)
  3. Docktrin (Stereo Type)
  4. Langdon* (xlntelecom)
  5. Billion Stars ()
  6. Selfish (Misprinted Type)
  7. Geared Slab (Ben Dalrymple)
  8. Return to Sender (Tom Kolter)
  9. Secret Veteran Typewriter* (CPR.Sparhelt)
  10. Pea Ellie Bellie (Kevin & Amanda)
  11. Nexa Rust Slab* (FontFabric)
  12. Fusty Saddle (Jay Hilgert)

+Bonus: Nexa Rust Extras (FontFabric)

*Commercial friendly

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