#MotivationMonday: On Hard Work

Can you believe another #MotivationMonday is here again? This summer is blowing by! Today I am writing to you from Tybee Island, Georgia on a much needed beach vaycay. Jealous? Don’t be! Trust when I tell you I worked my…
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#MotivationMonday: On Bravery

Good morning, friends! Happy #MotivationMonday! It’s been a long time since I’ve written a #MotivationMonday post. Admittedly, I’ve fallen out of the habit. Forgiveness! Today I was feeling the need to spread a little love… so voila! Our motivating quote of…
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I know it’s late in the day, but maybe it’s NEVER too late for a little boost? I wasn’t going to do a post to day at all, but this quote changed my mind. My inspiration for this week’s #MotivationMonday…
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Are you letting your fears hold you back? If so, you’re not alone! Each and every one of us has struggled at some point with fear; fear of failure, fear of change, even fear of success! Today is just as…
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A Goal Without a Plan is Just a Wish

Time to stop wishing and start planning! Happy Motivation Monday! What’s YOUR plan for turning your dream into a reality on this ‪#‎MotivationMonday‬? Leave me a comment below!



Some days, getting motivated is half the battle – I find this especially true on Mondays! That’s why I’m determined to push through the Monday malaise and start my week off on the right foot… enter #MotivationMonday! Today I want to talk about…
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My father tells a story about the first day of his junior year in high school. He sat down in his first class, took one look around the room, and left. He went straight to the guidance office to change his entire schedule….
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Holler! How’s your Monday shaping up? Are you staying MOTIVATED? Keeping up with your resolutions and goals? If you’re anything like most people (ME included), February is when we start to fall off the motivation bandwagon. Sometimes we all need…
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Oh happy day! Here’s a little jolt for all us perfectionists out {Yeap! I said US} there to jump start our week. #MotivationMonday! How do you help overcome your perfectionism and get straight to the task? Pop by my Facebook page…
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