Some days, getting motivated is half the battle – I find this especially true on Mondays! That’s why I’m determined to push through the Monday malaise and start my week off on the right foot… enter #MotivationMonday!

Today I want to talk about JOY! Such a simple word, but a concept that escapes many. Are you a naturally joyful person, or do you struggle to find your bliss? Shockingly (or not), joy doesn’t always come naturally to me. And while I long to be one of those bright shining stars whose joy emanates from the core of their being, the truth is that sometimes I have to WORK at being a joyful individual. The good news? It’s within my grasp. While it may not always be easy, I firmly believe that we can all choose to accept joy into our lives. So the question of the day is…

Will YOU join me today in CHOOSING JOY?


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