My father tells a story about the first day of his junior year in high school. He sat down in his first class, took one look around the room, and left. He went straight to the guidance office to change his entire schedule. His reasoning? He had been taking ‘local’ classes and was surrounded by the same kids he had been for the past two years. He moved up to ‘regents’ classes because he felt that he wasn’t being challenged. I think it takes a level of bravery to a take big step like that, one that we should all strive to make in our lives.

It may be comfortable to be the big fish in a little pond, but it’s also crucial to have people who push us outside our comfort zones and help us to grow in our personal lives and business endeavors.

KMInk MotivationMonday 02-09

On this #MotivationMonday, I’d like you to answer one question: How do YOU surround yourself with the right people?

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