They are serious, focused, erudite; they are The Intelligent.

This kit is perfect to help document the precious moments of the brainiacs, book nerds, and science geeks in your life.


This collection includes: 6 solid papers, 14 uniquely patterned papers, 50+ elements & word art pieces including: microscope, scissors, tweezer, slides, overlay, various books, paint, frame, molecules, string, ruler, tag, flair, washi tape, as well as a coordinating alpha in Latin, Cyrillic, and as a bundle.

Dying to see this kit in action?!

Check out these amazing pages from some super talented ladies!

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The Intelligent is available in my Etsy Shop now:

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The Intelligent Alpha Latin and Cyrillic alphas are available FOR FREE on my Facebook page for a limited time!


Who are the know-it-all scholars in your life waiting to be documented? Leave a comment below!

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