Ten Super Cool Fonts {FREE} for Summer: Font Roundup


I know you love fonts as much as I do. I love how every font has its own personality, its own little quirks and eccentricities. A good font can truly set the stage for any project you’re trying to tackle.

But, how do you find the perfect font among the bajillions of other fonts all across the interwebs?

{yep, I know those aren’t real words… don’t judge me!}.

It can be super time consuming and overwhelming clicking from page to page, trying to narrow down your search and find the perfect font for your latest scrap page or project.


Well you’re in luck because this is the latest in my post series called Roundup, where I will scour the web to find you the coolest, hippest, most jive resources out there… and post them for you right here on the blog! Too good to be true, yeah?

Since I just released this totally amazing Fresh Squeezed freebie for the latest blog train at Pixel Scrapper, I thought this issue I’d tackle some too-cool-for-school summer fonts. Each font is fun, fresh, and perfect for all of your summer scrapbook pages! The icing on the cake? They’re free to download for personal use!

Here are 10 free super cool fonts for summer

Summer Font Roundup by KM Ink

  1. Amazing Summer (Des Gomez)
  2. Milktop Girl (Kevin & Amanda)
  3. Pea Ellie Bellie (Kevin & Amanda)
  4. KG Summer Sunshine (Kimberly Geswein)
  5. Magnolia Sky (StereoType)
  6. A Little Sunshine (bythebutterfly)
  7. Safir Script (Måns Grebäck)
  8. Everytime I Miss You (Kevin & Amanda)
  9. Beyond the Mountains (StereoType)
  10. Dicey Slices (Johnathan S. Harris)

There you have it! A handful of new fonts to feed your (socially acceptable) addiction… until our next font round up that is…

What are your favorite seasonal fonts? Drop me a line and let me know!