According to the Via Institute, character strengths are capacities for thinking, feeling, willing, and behaving; when expressed in a balanced way they are positive psychological ingredients for a flourishing life. 

The basic premise is that focusing on your Character Strengths, rather than always trying to fix the the things that you perceive as wrong with yourself, will help you to lead a more fulfilling life. Recognizing these strengths in yourself and those around you allows for clearer channels if communication, much like the concept of love languages do. 

My top five Character Strengths are fairness, love, curiousty, honesty, and judgement.

With this knowledge in hand, I try to lead with love. Putting a pinch of love into everything I do satisfies me, regardless of the outcome, which leads to greater success in my work. 

All of this explanation leads me to the November Better Lettering Course prompt of the day: Something money can’t buy.  

Supplies: Crayola Supertips & Pip-Squeaks.

What are your top Character Strengths and how do do you nourish them?

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