I was never a big fan of the rain until I met Husband. Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t hate a drizzle here or there, but I much preferred sunny days… until Z came along.

Husband loves the rain, like, looooves it. Before I met him I had never known anyone  who gets bummed when it ‘only rains a little.’ He loves the rain so much that sometimes I feel guilty because we don’t live in Seattle. Oh how he would revel in the weather!

My love of the rain started subtly. In the beginning of our relationship, if it rained on days when Husband and I were apart, I would look out the window, sigh to myself, and think: ‘Z likes the rain,’ which soon became: ‘Z likes the rain, I miss him.’

Somehow my brain eventually translated the positive thoughts and longing for Husband as happy, lovey feelings for rainfall. The heigth of an accidental Pavlovian conditioned response. Fascinating, no?

I may well be the only Pre-K teacher in history who is truly at peace on a rainy Monday morning.

To celebrate my gratitude for all things rainy, I give you my latest handlettering piece, inspired by Nina Stojaner:


Todays Better Lettering Course prompt was: Something in nature… what better way to celebrate my gratitude for nature and Husband at the same time?

Supplies: Crayola Supertips, Faber Castell S pen, Prismacolor 005 Fine Line Marker.

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