This is something of an impromptu post; I have apparently been bitten by the spontaneity bug today! A while back I found what looked to be a gem of an ecourse called

30 Days To Better Hand-Lettering

by Caroline Winegeart of Made Vibrant

The class was on my back burner for a rainy day. Well, today it RAINED! I’m usually pretty level-headed when it comes to ebooks and classes, but the course is so reasonably priced that I decided to be a little impulsive and dive in.

BTW- Just for the record, I have no affiliate or marketing link to Caroline or Made Vibrant, I’m just good old-fashioned fan. 

I’ve been on Caroline’s email list for a minute now, she has such inspirational newsletters and doles out great slices of wisdom. Her class is no different, she is friendly and seems so approachable. The class covers the basics of hand lettering and runs through tons of lettering styles as well as Caroline’s personal process. Overall, the course material and is quite lovely.

KM Ink Pencil Hand Lettering Sketch KM Ink Coffee Hand Lettering Sketch

(Side note: Sorry the photos are crap, like I mentioned – spur of the moment post!)

These are some of my initial sketches. I’ve decided to take part in the 30 day hand lettering challenge set forth by the class curriculum. I’m not great with follow-through, so I thought I’d share this here to be accountable to someone other than myself for once! It’ll be nice to see where I’m at on day one and perhaps once a week through the challenge and then again at the end. Strive for progress not perfection!

Here is my final day one product. I didn’t follow the prompt, but this idea popped into my head while I was warming up, so I decided to run with it. No practice is bad practice, right?

KM Ink Coffee Hand Lettering

It’s a bit rough; I’ll get there eventually! I already have some experience with hand lettering, but I have never been intentional about practicing, which you know is the key to success.  Though it may not seem related, I think that this course is a great opportunity to improve my digi designer skill set.

Hand lettered typography is all the rage right now, who doesn’t love some kick ass word art and doodles in their scrap kits?!

Keep an eye out in the weeks to come, hopefully all of this practice will translate itself into a kit one of these days! Also, because LOVE to learn and expand my horizons, I am planning to write a post in the near future about investing in yourself as an artist where I share some of the books, courses, and resources I’ve come across on the interwebs recently (do I smell a round-up?).

Have you read any good books or taken and awesome typography classes lately? Share your insights in the comments below!