Watch out ladies and gentlemen! I’m on a roll. That’s right… I made a commitment to myself and I kept it for seven whole days. Seven!

Yes, I have commitment issues

… don’t judge me! ūüėČ

Last week I wrote about my experience with a new course called

30 Days To Better Hand-Lettering

by Caroline Winegeart of Made Vibrant

I enjoyed the course material quite a bit but, for me, the exciting part came with the 30 day hand lettering challenge set forth by the class curriculum. Each day comes with a preset prompt (which you can follow, or not) to help take indecision out of the equation (how often are we overwhelmed by too many choices!?).

Although I find it challenging to follow through on projects like this, I am continually attempting to push myself outside of my comfort zone. And since the beginning of this year has been wholly dedicated to improving my business and growing my skills as a designer, this challenge seemed like a perfect fit.

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After a week of taking time out of my day to work on my hand lettering there are a few things I’ve noticed improving in my process:

  • Confidence – I feel more confident about sharing my work and¬†less worried about imperfections
  • Control – My hand is steadier and I’m not as shaky with my lines
  • Creativity – I am beginning to rely less on copying other’s work and focus more on letting my own creativity shine through

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I still have long way to go any many improvements to make, but today I choose to focus on the positive! Here’s a glance at my progress thus far:


I was so proud of myself for completing my first week that I got myself a little gift (the pens in the last photo). I dig a good reward system!

Have you been making progress on any goals this month? How do you reward your own hard work? Share your story in the comments below!